Revealed: How much Manchester City are paying for Gerónimo Rulli

Gerónimo Rulli’s move to Manchester City and subsequent loan to Real Sociedad is now missing only an announcement, and Mundo Deportivo today has some figures from the transaction. They also completely back up the recent story from AS that this is going to be a very complicated deal involving loans and buy-back clauses.

City are paying just €5.4 million (£4.5 million) for 24-year-old Rulli, who has shown himself to be one of La Liga’s most talented young goalkeepers in recent times. Of that amount, his former club Estudiantes de La Plata will receive €1.5 million (£1 million).

Guardiola promised Rulli that he’d play in cup competitions at City, but the Argentine wants weekly football, so it was agreed that he’ll return to Real Sociedad on loan. Here’s where the whole situation gets slightly complicated.

In January, the loan deal will trigger an obligatory purchase clause where Sociedad have to buy Rulli for €7 million (£5.8 million). However, Manchester City will still retain 30% of his rights and will have a buy-back clause, fixed at €14 million (£11.7 million), that can be activated in the summer of 2018.

What this means is that one way or another, Manchester City will benefit. They will make a quick profit on the player by selling him to Real Sociedad, and even if they do eventually buy him back (in 2018) for double that amount, they will be receiving a player, at a reasonable price, who they believe is high-level enough to play for the team.

If City opt not to redeem Rulli, they’ll make more money whenever Sociedad sell him due to their 30% ownership. Rulli’s release clause for clubs other than City will be €35 million (£29.2 million).

On the surface, this seems like a perplexing deal, but in the end it’s likely that City will make a lot of money off it or receive an excellent goalkeeper in the coming years.

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