Manchester City could still pocket €8.8 million from 2013 transfer

When young attacking midfielder Denis Suárez left Manchester City for Barcelona in 2013, many fans were disappointed at the club for allowing one of the best prospects to leave. The reality was, Suárez had just a year left on his contract and fancied a move home.

City made sure they would profit from this sale long-term if Denis reached his potential, sticking several clauses in, on top of the modest €1.6 million fee.

Most of these clauses seemed obsolete when Barca sold the Spain U21 international to Villarreal a year ago, but Barcelona have activated a buy-back clause to re-sign the 22-year-old and have revealed through the board’s spokesman Josep Vives that the old clauses still stand.

In addition to the initial fee of €1.6 million, Barcelona will also have to pay City an €800,000 clause this summer because he is joining the first team (unless of a late change of plans). The Catalan club must also hand over €800,000 per 10 appearances up to his 100th first team appearance.

In total, this means Manchester City could still pocket up to €8.8 million (£7.4 million) from the Denis Suárez deal, which, when added to the initial fee, means City will receive as much as €10.4 million (£8.7 million).

Many would have preferred Suarez to stay, but given his desire for a return to Spain at the age of 19, City have not done badly out of this deal.

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