Pep Guardiola unveiled as Manchester City boss – all the best quotes

Pep Guardiola made quite a first impression as Manchester City boss at today’s Cityzens Weekend event. Even an interupted introduction, when a supporter in the crowd required medical aid, couldn’t kill the buzz as Pep made his first public appearance as City boss. In half an hour, he captivated the fans more than Manuel Pellegrini did in three years, saying all the right things.

Some of Pep’s quotes from a lengthy interview:

His first words: “Thank you for coming here, of course in your house… it’s my new house. I’m so glad to be here.”

On the challenge of managing in the Premier League: “It is a challenge, that is why I am here. I prove myself where I was born, in Barcelona and then in Germany and now, with the amazing players and staff City has. Every game, every weekend, the fans can be proud and in the end, what I want is that the people and supporters can enjoy and be proud of what we did. We need our fans, I can not do that alone. I need the players, the staff and our fans. Without that, it is impossible.”

On his plans: “We have to create something special between each other. After, we talk tactics and titles.”

How well does he know City’s players? “I know the City team, I’ve play against them many times, I’ve spoken many times with the people involved. They have to show me and the fans again. That is the past, people don’t come here to see what we did.”

On his tactics: “I cannot demand something to the players that they are not able to give. I cannot talk about the players and the way we are going to play if I don’t feel it. Day by day, all the players have to know me, as well.”

The most important thing from a player? “Be a good team-mate. I like the players who think about himself and Manchester City. The reason we are here is to think about what to do to make this club better. I don’t like players who think what City can do for them.”

Pep was attracted by the fantastic academy: “The fans need these local players to come through, they feel something with them. I came through the best academy in the world at Barcelona and when I arrived in the first team, I already knew players like Pedro and Busquets and settled in quickly. If a young player has the ability and they show me the passion to succeed in football, they will be in my hands. It all depends on their quality and passion.”

Quote of the day: “I know them from TV but I have to speak the players. Hug them, kick their arse! I need time, I have an idea.”

On English football: “One of my dreams was to play here as a player. It was not possible, but now my dream has come true (as a manager). The atmosphere here, wow, it is amazing. I want to live that in life. I come here to learn about the way people live here, for my family and my kids and I want to be a good manager in England.”

He wants to make the fans happy: “We are here, we make our job for the people. If there is nobody in the stadium then there is no reason why we are here. Sometimes you realise, wow, these kind of people, we made them happy. If we enjoy our time together and people go home and say.”

“Will you sign Messi?”: “I’m sorry, Messi has to stay in Barcelona for the rest of his career.”

Welcome to Manchester, Pep. We’re privileged to have you.



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