Guardiola’s assistant: Presentation on Sunday, then training on Monday

Pep Guardiola’s trusted assistant Domènec Torrent has given an exclusive interview to Catalan newspaper L’Esportiu on a variety of topics, many of them Manchester City related. The 53-year-old has followed Pep from Barcelona to Munich and now to Manchester, and few are better positioned to give insight on City’s new coach.

Torrent confirmed that after the official presentation of Guardiola and his staff at Cityzens Weekend, training will begin on Monday. He noted that there won’t be many players there to start with because of internationals and holidays, but this may give the new regime a chance to look at some of the younger talent from City’s blossoming academy.

When asked to compare City’s stunning CFA to Barcelona and Bayern Munich’s training facilities, Torrent said that Bayern’s are very small and that City easily have the largest. He said this is a good thing while adding that not all the fields are needed. Another plus point, he said, is that it is very quiet and private at the CFA, despite not being far from town.

Torrent called Pep an ‘almost perfect’ coach who spends hours and hours studying football, immersing himself in the sport. He said Guardiola does not overlook any details, and while luck is always involved in football, Pep leaves nothing to chance. He and his team analyse everything and spend very little time relaxing on the job.

On the working relationship between Manchester City and Girona, Torrent expects it to continue and flourish. Girona just missed out on promotion to La Liga last season, but have a good project and City will help them out with loans and other things.

The Pep Guardiola era is just days away… Manchester is ready.


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1 Comment

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