Concept: Does this alter your view of City’s new home shirt?

So it’s safe to say that City’s 2016-17 home shirt design has been met with largely negative feedback. There are some who like it, but from the responses to our tweets and website articles, most find it bad – some are actively offended by it and have labelled Nike some very bad words that we won’t repeat.

Our friends at MCFC Austin have offered a different look at it. Firstly, this is not a real photo – it’s a mock-up of Sagna posing for France promotional shots. However, the leaked home kit has been edited on to him to give a sense of how it may look on a player, rather than hung up with dodgy wallpaper behind it.

So far, people seem more pleased with a picture of the shirt on a player than they have when seeing previous leaks. What do you think?


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