Pedullà: Yaya Touré free to leave Manchester City when he wants

Just what is going on with Yaya Touré? Listen to the English press and they will give you the impression the Ivorian wants to stay in England, preferably at City. Even the respected Dan Taylor of The Guardian wrote today that there are ‘no plans for either Fernando or Yaya Touré to leave’. The Fernando news sounds spot on, but what about Touré?

In Italy, pretty much every respectable source believes there is a chance of Touré reuniting with Roberto Mancini at Inter. SportItalia’s Alfredo Pedullà, known to be reliable for Serie A transfer news, has another big exclusive tonight about the Ivorian that makes that reveals some huge details, if accurate.

According to Pedullà, Yaya is free to leave Manchester City at any time with no constraints. This is the result of an agreement made between player and club last summer, when the Ivorian agreed to remain in Manchester provided City didn’t raise an objection to him leaving a year later. That time has come and reportedly he can go if he chooses.

But does Yaya Touré want to end his adventure in Manchester? Apparently, yes he does.

Pedullà says Mancini is denying any contact with the 33-year-old, but that this is false. The contacts are ‘constant, continuous, intense’ and an agreement for Yaya Touré to join Inter is not far off. The expectation is that Touré will sign for Inter until 2019 or 2018 with the option to extend. With his current wages being beyond Inter’s means, their idea is to work around it by adding bonuses and incentives.



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