Let’s talk about the ‘Emptihad’

The Emptihad, blue seats fancy dress – where were we when we were shit?

There’s so many things to say about the ‘Emptihad’ claims, so I’ll start with a simple question: why do people care so much?

It’s a bizarre debate, with those that don’t even attend games for their own clubs piping up to hit City with their empty seats jibe, a debate that so many people seem to care about – but genuinely, what does it even matter? There are so many factors for which people can justify not attending games – work, family, money – yet so often football fans are criticised. As I touched upon briefly a moment ago, one of the most frustrating things about the whole thing is those in glass houses throwing insults about like there’s no tomorrow, when they leave an empty seat themselves!

Secondly, there’s the imaginative and not at all repetitive “where were you when you were shit?” chants from opposing teams. I mean, come on lads, it’s one or the other – are we there now or are we not? It’s a great talent that City fans have, becoming glory hunting attending fans whilst not being there, ain’t it? There’s also the dressed as blue seat banter, top notch.

Whilst we’re talking about it, should we take a look at some epic #Emptihad bantz?

First up, is a Manchester United fan in Australia…

Nicola Jade, Wales resident and Chelsea fan, tweeted with both Emptihad and blue chair fancy dress! Nice try, but you ought to take a look at the fact that City consistently attracted more fans than Chelsea before the 2008 takeover…

You catch the drift, now let’s take a look at some actual statistics:

  • City have had an average attendance of 54,020 in the Premier League this season, 98.04% of the overall Etihad capacity (this includes many away clubs not selling their full allocation).
    • Manchester City have the 6th highest average attendance in the Champions League this season.
      • City have the third highest average attendance in the Premier League, behind only Manchester United and Arsenal.

      Alright for a team that have 20,000 empty seats, right?

      I put together a table that outlines City’s attendances (stats provided by Soccerway):


      So, if anyone tries to tell you that City play in a stadium called the ‘Emptihad’, here are some retorts:

      1) Ask them why they are even arsed – surely there are more important things in the world to discuss?
      2) Most likely, they will insist that the Emptihad is the most important discussion around, so just ask the question – do you go matches? More often that not, they will avoid the question, but please remind them that they don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to criticising.
      3) Use the stats to your advantage, they suggest that the Etihad is 98.04% full on average – so empty.
      4) They will probably come armed with images, simply ask them at what point during the game that picture is from – knowing City fans, we’re all probably having a pint on the concourse at the time of the picture.

      This is by no means a criticism of those that don’t attend matches, it’s just a simple matter of being logical and not hurling hypocritical insults at those that can’t attend. Think of the reasons you don’t watch your team, and then realise that City fans may fit into that bracket also.

      The ‘Emptihad’ is not only a poor pun, but an inaccurate description of the truth. I’ve written this article in response to the amount of discussion about the topic, but I guess the main thing from it is… get a grip. Cheers.

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