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City Summary – April 4: City freeze season ticket prices

manchester city summary

Time to catch up on today’s news – here’s your first City Summary:

What better to start the summary, than with the ever vocal and repetitive Dimitri Seluk? He’s been plotting his client’s move away from Manchester City, again…

Seluk then went on to say “Inter’s project is great – they are a fantastic club, and everyone knows about the relationship between Mancini + Yaya…”, however Di Marzio reports that the Ivorian powerhouse is unlikely to reunite with Roberto Mancini this summer at Inter, despite Dimitri’s comments – where have we seen that one before?

Samir Nasri believes that Paris Saint Germain have made quicker progress in European football than Manchester City have in recent years, with his comments to L’Equipe:

The Manchester City midfielder then continued, stating that PSG are a team built on stability – much more so than Manchester City:

“There’s much more stability at PSG [than at City]. Leonardo built Blanc’s team – it’s a continuation of what was with Ancelotti.

“It is important to get the opinion of the players. When PSG wants to sign a player, Ibra and Thiago Silva give their approval.

“If you want to grow, it is like that. The big clubs rely on their great players. Paris has understood this.”

Meanwhile, fellow Frenchman and former City defender, Sylvain Distin had some comments of his own to make in preparation to Wednesday’s Champions League clash:

Today has also seen referee confirmation ahead of our trip to Paris, with Milorad Mažić being confirmed as the man in the middle. If you’ve got a spare tenner, then I would recommend Fernandinho to be booked any time, it’s a banker so thank me later.

To carry on with the PSG related news, the Mirror reports that Joe Hart is 50/50 to recover in time for the first leg:

Scouts in Attendance reports that Manchester City are closing in on signing 15 year old (that makes me feel a *little* bit old) forward Lorenzo Gonzalez, although the source is unconfirmed.

Today, Manchester City put all our worries to bed, after announcing that they’ve had season ticket prices in the freezer for the last few weeks, and they will continue to be there for next season:

And on the last bit of news, it’s a very positive one – Manchester City’s under-18s have again made it to an FA Youth Cup Final – congratulations boys!

In fact, why end it there? We may as well all have a good chuckle to end the night, and what better way than hear Ander Herrera’s absolute nonsense?

Go home Ander, you’re drunk.

That’s our round-up of today’s news folks, however remember that round-the-clock coverage will continue throughout the night on @City_Watch – we’ll make sure we keep you up-to-date!

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