Football Leaks reveal details of Agüero’s move to City

Jorges Mendes’ worst enemy is back! The controversial whisteblowing website Football Leaks has been sharing contracts from some of Europe’s biggest transfers in recent months. Mangala’s was one of them, confirming just how much we paid for him.

Now details have emerged of the deal that took Kun Agüero from Atlético Madrid to City. Here are the most important bits, but the full contract can be found below. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as Mangala’s contract and as we all know by now, the amount paid for Kun turned out to be quite a bargain in the modern transfer market.

– City paid a total of €36 million for Kun – €12million at the time, with a further €12 million in 2012, and a final €12 million in 2013.

– City agreed to pay Atlético a fee of €250,000 for every season he scored 15 goals and €250,000 for every season in which he made 25 appearances. He’s accomplished both in every season so far.

– City paid Atlético a fee of €1 million for each Premier League title win, a total of €2 million to date.

– City agreed to pay Atlético a fee of €500,000 for every season in which they won a Champions League quarter-final on aggregate and €1 million for a Champions League semi-final aggregate win. So, €0 so far.

– The rumoured ‘anti-Real Madrid’ clause doesn’t exist. City could have and could still sell him to the Spanish club at any time.

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