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Ask the Opposition 16 – Manchester United

Manchester City head into Sunday’s derby clash drifting away in 4th place; in what looks set to be, in terms of quality, the worst derby in years. Manchester United themselves haven’t won in four games while City’s irregular form has continued for as long as anyone can remember.

While Kompany’s injury on Tuesday night wasn’t exactly a shock, it didn’t make it any less painful. The players looked vividly overwhelmed at the captain’s setback and another month on the sidelines could seriously derail the rest of City’s season.

But first, Manchester City look towards the derby, knowing a win would be massive ahead of a short international break where Pellegrini will try and regroup his players ahead of a last push for the two major trophies.

A win would be a firm step in consolidating a top four spot for City and would keep title hopes – for those who still believe – alive. A draw or a loss and West Ham, who are only two points behind City, could plunge City into a real battle for 4th place.

To get the latest on United, we spoke Nooruddean Choudry, a United fan and writer for

Last year felt like the worst set of Manchester sides in a quite a while yet this year I’d say both sides are even worse. Is that a fair assessment?

You’re speaking to the wrong person really. I’m old, so a decade ago is still recent for me. I remember when both United and City were properly shite. Like Neil Pointon/Mal Donaghy shite. But yeah, we’ve both been a bit wank this season. But we’ve been wanker than you, so forever in our shadows and all that.

What have you made of Manchester City’s season? Can we still win something?

Well you’ve already won something, so it’s not been a total write-off, has it? I’d be surprised if you were to win the league or Champions League now. But who knows? I hope you don’t, if that helps.

I think one of the most intriguing aspects of your season is how it will book-end Pellegrini’s time at the club, and how he’ll be remembered. He seems a lovely chap and has obviously won you things, but some City fans I know reckon he’s underperformed overall. I reckon that’s harsh.

Someone once said that indecisiveness is worse than making the wrong decision. Do you think Ed Woodward’s lack of decisiveness, whether in backing or sacking Louis Van Gaal, has harmed your season?

Yeah he hasn’t covered himself in glory, has he? The arse-covering shithouse. We used to rip the piss out of Garry Cook but he seems a fucking visionary compared to Lidl Ian Hislop.

Van Gaal should be long gone. I like him as a person (Van Gaal not Woodward), but he’s made United fucking dull (as well as a bit shit) and that won’t do. I’m bored of being bored at games.

Who would you rather have at the helm in the summer: Ryan Giggs or Jose Mourinho?

Out of those two, Mourinho defo. I’m not having the Giggs talk. You’ll notice there’s been a massive spin offensive for Giggs of late. A load of his and Fergie’s journalist pals and ex-players singing his praises and trying to argue his case. Bollocks. He’s not qualified.

I have my doubts about Mourinho, for obvious reasons. Short-termism, no legacy, neglect of youth development, etc. But there’s numerous positives too. Not having that his teams play dull football either, it’s just more of a counter-attacking style is all.

My personal preference is actually Pochettino, but I’d be surprised if it’s not Mourinho now.

One City player you’d take?

Feels stupid not to say Aguero, but I love David Silva. He’s a genius that lad. Very highly-rated by everyone and yet he’s still underrated.


Fuck off.

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