Paul Gallagher’s Hit List

With the summer arrival of new manager Pep Guardiola there are bound to be a few casualties. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the ones who will surely be at the Manchester Airport departure lounge at the end of June. Please step forward the goalkeeping genius of Willy Caballero, the defensive nous of Alexs Kolarov and the old badger Martin Demichelis. This trio have proven to be inept at various points this season and beyond, and I for one will be glad to see them all leave. After these three sages of defending, I would be looking to take offers on Fernando, Mangala and Navas, who surely will not be featuring in any Guardiola teams regardless of the competition.

With everyone else possibly safe for at least another transfer window, if I was Clichy, Sagna, Nasri and Bony I wouldn’t be getting too comfy as the axe will be coming their way before too long.

It’s been a fairly average season thus far regardless of the result in Kiev or at Wembley next weekend. I for one thought we had the best squad by far and that we’d do fairly well in every competition, and although there is no accounting for injuries, which can occur at any time, I thought we’d have coped better than we have done.

How one defence can fall apart when Vincent Kompany isn’t present is a damnation of the erratic signing policy we’ve had as a club over the past few years. It’s bordering on ludicrous the abject performances from so-called seasoned internationals when asked to step in to do a job they’ve been doing all their professional lives.

The hammerings we’ve endured at the hands of world beaters Liverpool, Leicester and Tottenham suggest that they do very little into looking at the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ve singled out the three teams that have hurt us on the break and it could have been avoided if someone had done their homework.

But surely the majority of the blame must land at the feet of the manager and his trustworthy assistants. Pellegrini will be paying for his lack of wisdom with his departure but what of Messrs Kidd and Cousillas. What do they do all week, because I’d love to know if anyone in the backroom team actually bothers to study the opposition?

It is really arrogant of Pellegrini, like Wenger before him, who doesn’t look at his opponents, blatantly dismisses the threats, and only focuses on his own team.

Looking forward, I hope that the board have been saving some money to give Pep a team that belies his name and style, and that we can all get back to watching the free-flowing football that we’ve witnessed since our formation in 2008. wink

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