The Cost of Football: How does City compare?

As debate rages about the cost of attending a football game these days, our friends at Jurys Inn put together a snazzy infographic, comparing the cost of football at Premier League clubs.

A match day ticket at City isn’t cheap for adults, with the real value in owning a season ticket (which may help explain why many season ticket holders often do not turn up). But if you base value for money on goals scored, the Etihad Stadium comes out on top with a goal scored per £6.

City’s famous £299 season tickets, which are limited in quantity but more plentiful since South Stand level 3 opened, are no longer the most inexpensive in the league after Stoke stole the good PR by pricing their cheapest at £294. £900 is the highest standard season ticket, but you can pay up to £1,750 for one of the new Premium Seats – perks and all. In general, City’s non-premium season ticket prices rate well against rivals, but have been going up yearly and are due a price freeze. Us northerners aren’t made of money, you know!

If you like a pie, especially one of City’s highly rated chicken balti pies, you’re paying a joint Premier League high of £4. The cost of a cuppa rates favourably against Premier League rivals, though, with tea setting you back £1.80, the third cheapest in the league (still a lot for water and a tea bag!).

Check out the full comparison infographic. Thanks again to Jurys Inn!

Football Fan Costs by Club

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