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Ask the Opposition 7 – Everton

Manchester City have an opportunity to book the first of hopefully many trips to Wembley this year with a clash against Everton on Wednesday night. City have already played Everton three times this season and, barring an FA Cup meet-up, we won’t have to see the Evertonians again for a long time.

Things haven’t looked particularly great on the blue side of Merseyside since they beat us and a City side still competing on all four fronts should feel confident enough in staking a claim for the first trophy of the season.

To find out more about Everton’s woes, we invited Darren Rimmer back on City Watch.

Hi Darren. Thanks for coming on again. I’m going to be honest, I’m absolutely sick of the sight of your lot.

The feeling is mutual, trust me. If there’s one team you don’t want to play more than you have to, it’s City.

It seems things have gone sour at Everton since we last spoke. What’s gone wrong?

Everything we spoke about last time really, poor defending, goalkeeper errors, failing to hold onto leads and getting beat by struggling teams at home. Apart from that, everything is great. We spoke how long ago? Three weeks? This is the exact reason Roberto Martinez is getting the criticism that he is, his team are making exactly the same mistakes as they have been all season and they don’t appear to be learning from them, sadly.

Would this trophy save Roberto Martinez’s skin for another season or is there a feeling that parting ways would be best for everyone?

I think he would definitely buy himself more time, yes. We haven’t won a trophy for 21 (TWENTY-ONE) years now, so any kind of trophy this season has got to be seen as a success. I think if you’d asked any Evertonian before the season started, if they would take a trophy but finish mid-table, they would be arranging a open top bus parade before you’d even finished asking the question. Realistically, only one thing is going to keep him in the job long term though, and that is a massive improvement in the league form.

Alright. What’s going to happen on Wednesday night?

I’m going to try and drink enough lager to help make watching our defending seem bearable. Oh? The football? Well, when you asked me how I saw the these two matches going three weeks ago, I said we would win the first match 2-1, so I’m feeling pretty smug about that. I did say we’d get beaten 3-0 in the second leg though, so I think it’s only right that I stick with my initial prediction.

Thanks for coming on Darren, enjoy the game.

Thanks for having me again. Good luck for the rest of season.

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