Trevor Sinclair Exclusive: Pellegrini can leave City with his head held high

Last week, on behalf of, I spoke to Trevor Sinclair on all things Manchester City and making it clear from the start that I was a fellow Blue we ended up getting on like a house on fire.

Just to immediately digress but what a strange expression that is.

For close to an hour we spoke about Yaya (Sinclair is evidently a fan), Delph, and City’s need for a centre-back this January window and I was impressed with his measured insight.

There was one issue however where we disagreed, a subject that is understandably consuming all supporters at present: That of the possible/probable/hopefully inevitable arrival of Pep Guardiola to the Etihad this summer.

Posing an admittedly presumptuous question I asked whether Pep’s arrival is undermining Manuel Pellegrini’s final season at the club and indeed if the club could be handling the situation better. His response unsettled me.

“We don’t know that for certain. For me it’s not done at all until the club or Pep make a statement.”

Maybe Sinclair is a cautious type and perhaps it is entirely natural that a prominent figure in the media is not prepared to commit to something that has not yet been officially announced. I still found his wariness disconcerting though. The former City winger – who has the honour of scoring the first competitive goal at the Etihad – has impeccable contacts within the game. Yet here he was unsure of Pep’s destination and taking umbrage at my certainty.

On the matter of Pellegrini however his comments – exclusively for City Watch – were far more uplifting. It is hoped that many of his colleagues at the BBC and beyond agree with every word.

“I have to say with Pellegrini he has handled himself exceptionally well. He’s a gentleman and gone about his job with professionalism and proper enthusiasm. It would be quite easy for a manager after a defeat to use all this as an excuse but he never does. If he does leave in the summer he can leave with his head held high and be very proud of what he’s done at Manchester City.”

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