Brace yourself: Mangala’s transfer fee has been leaked

For a while now the Footy Leaks blog has been making waves across the internet by leaking contracts from various high profile transfers across Europe.

A few days ago, they told us that Anthony Martial could cost United up to £61.6m, but before you start laughing, read on…

Their latest leak is the full contract of City defender Eliaquim Mangala. There has been much talk and suspicion about exactly how much City paid for Mangala in August 2014, and we now have the answer.

What can now be confirmed is that City paid Porto a total of €30.5m (€30,503,590 to be precise) for the 56.67% of Mangala’s sporting rights that the Portuguese giants owned owned. However, the deal didn’t end there. The contract states that City were then obligated to buy out Mangala’s remaining rights from Doyen Sports (33.3% owners) and Danubio (10% owners).

Doyen Sports are a Malta-based subsidiary of the hedge fund – Doyen Group. They are based in Malta for tax reasons, and are one of the most notorious players in the third-party ownership football world.

Using the power of a calculator, we can conclude that City most likely paid a total of €53.8m, or roughly £41.4m, for Mangala – not the £32m that was widely reported at the time.

A larger fee has been reported by some since the widely reported £32m fee, but this contract seems to confirm: Eliaquim Mangala cost City almost £42m and is the most expensive defender in Premier League history.

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