Even the English press agree now – Pep’s on his way

CX_XzuPWwAI5_VGThe evidence is now overwhelming. It is being reported here, there and everywhere – Pep Guardiola is, or is close to joining Manchester City.

This has been reported abroad for some time. Top German and Spanish media sources have been saying that Pep is nailed on to join the Blue revolution next summer.

But what about England? The English press has been selling papers and attracting clicks by promoting a four-way battle for Pep’s services: City vs. United vs. Chelsea vs. Arsenal. This story sells a lot better than “Pep Guardiola will join City”, but also they may have been receiving different information from sources at those clubs.

Now even the major English newspapers are falling into line with their foreign counterparts, and the Tuesday papers reflect that.

James Ducker of The Times, a highly respectable journalist, writes: “Pep Guardiola is almost certain to become the new Manchester City manager after confirming for the first time yesterday that he intends to manage in the Barclays Premier League next season.”

Ducker also adds that senior sources at United have been ‘convinced for weeks’ that Pep is heading across town.

Jack Pitt-Brooke at the Independent says: “[Pep Guardiola] is on the brink of joining Manchester City.”CX_aY7zW8AAaaSb.jpg large

The Mirror and Star also imply that Guardiola is City-bound, while The Sun shout to the world that United must act NOW before they lose the Catalan coach to City.

Credit to Simon Mullock of the Sunday Mirror, though, for saying back on December 5th: “The belief on the Red side of Manchester is that Guardiola has already agreed a deal to become the boss of their bitter rivals Manchester City when his contract at Bayern Munich expires at the end of the season.”

Abroad, it is the same old story. The most reliable newspaper in Germany, Kicker, repeated today what they have previously – that they have concrete information that Guardiola is joining City.

Sky Deutschland reporter Uli Köhler told Sky Sports earlier that there is no doubt about it. Köhler is their Bayern Munich reporter and traveled with them during pre-season, so may well have been briefed by Pep’s current employers.

At this stage, it’d be a surprise of epic proportions if Pep Guardiola were not to arrive. Even Pellegrini seems to know what is going on, as evidenced by his comments earlier today:

“If I have the option to renew here for five more years or to win the title and be sacked, I’d prefer to win the title.

“I think that if you’re the owner of a club, you must have the option to replace the manager if they win the title or not.

“You can win a title, and of course the owner can not be happy with your work and they have the right to change.”

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