City unveil new club badge days after the internet spoils it

City presented the long awaited new club badge today to the surprise of no one with an internet connection, after the design was leaked days ago.

Very similar to the popular 1972-1997 badge with a modern touch (and controversially, a lack of ‘FC’), the badge has been described as a ‘modern original’.

Opinions are divided on the new badge but City did listen to feedback and added the popular elements, while removing the less popular things such as the mysterious three stars and eagle.

Other than the colour blue (94%), the Manchester ship (85%) was the most popular request, followed by the colour white (68%), three rivers (67%) and red rose (60%).

The new badge will be launched next summer ahead of the 2016-17 season.

What do you think? A thing of beauty or travesty best sent to the designer’s recycle bin?


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