City’s new badge leaked before Boxing Day unveiling?

Secrets are hard to keep in the age of the internet and we have tonight seen a perfect example.

After being tipped off about a new entry in the Intellectual Property Office database, City Watch was the first to post a link on Twitter to what appears to be City’s new badge. Already the debate is raging with some showering praise on the design and others labelling it a disaster. Did we really expect anything else?

What we know is City filed for the IPO on December 22 and did likewise for several other variations of the same design. Below is what appears to be the final design along with a black-and-white version (click to enlarge).

City's new badge!?

City's new badge!?

Of course this could be an elaborate ruse by the Club, a red blue herring to throw us off the scent. We’ll know for sure on Boxing Day when City unveil the first new club crest since 1997.

Manchester City invite Cityzens to view the new badge

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